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About Us

StemFocus is a Robotech research and development facility. We develop embedded systems using state-of-the-art robotics, hardware, software, and IoT technologies. We are committed to providing solutions using world-class expertise, tools, and resources.

Our target

To be the leading, tech-driven STEM hub that globally bridges knowledge and hands-on gaps in STEM and digital skills.

Our objectives

To stimulate and nurture STEM interests in Africa
To solve unique problems with technology
To raise a community of world class researchers

Our values


What we do
  • HealthTech i.e DNA Forensics
  • GovTech
  • EdTech
  • Crime and Security Forensics i.e DNA Matching.
  • Advanced military & surveillance drones,
  • IoT Cloud
  • AI-powered conversation systems
  • Humanoid robots
  • High computational neural networks to analyze chemical and biological research.
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of thing (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics & 3D Printing
  • AI in Analytical Chemistry
  • Biotechnological & Molecular Analysis
  • Applicatory Mathematical Models
  • Applicatory Physics and Models

More Courses we offer

Web Development

Learn to set up web applications, build interactive and responsive websites as well as build individual and collaborative projects to enrich your portfolio. Get a good headstart with us

Data Science

 STEMFocus is engaging the teaching, researching, and providing solutions in this emerging science. We engage to automate industrial activities, optimize business, and guide decision-making for solving societal issues

STEM Teachers
Professional Development

STEMFocus’ team of trained and certified scientists with experiences in teaching STEM subjects will train STEM teachers on a variety of topics

Forensics and DNA Matching

Our fully-equipped molecular Biology lab offers solutions in DNA and forensics. We render ,
Specific and customized SNP and VNTR services

What our student say

I love to build innovative stuff using papers, my dad enrolled me in STEMFcous and i have learnt to build little robots using robot kit
Isaac Kelechi

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